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Project Description
open source forum software, built for Windows Azure.
Keywords: Windows Azure, Forum, ASP.Net, C#.
The solution is created with VS2010.

Screenshot of the forum index

Current functionality
The current version of the Cloud Forum software can do the following things:
  • Show forum index
    • unlimited forums possible
    • forum has a title and a description
    • number of topics / number of posts / datetime of last post
  • Show topics in a forum
    • topictitle / topicstarter / datetime and username of last post / postcount / viewcount
  • Show posts in a topic. A post consist of:
    • Messagebody
    • Userinfo (Name, Avatar, Link to twitter page)
    • Signature
  • Browse through pages of a topic
  • Post message / reply / quote
    • Post as 'Anonymous'
    • Post as registered user
  • Embed images / hyperlinks / youtube movies
  • Bold and italic text
  • Basic registration functionality
  • Salting and encryption of passwords in the database

Work to do
There is a lot of work to do. For example:
  • Currently there is only a basic lay-out. It should be possible to create your own skin, or at least change the colors and font
  • Registration form should be extended. Currently only username and password are needed. Room for Real name, City, Date of birth, Twitter name, Homepage, Signature etc.
  • Moderator functionality should be built. Currently none existent
  • Unit testing should be built. Currently none existent
  • Lots and lots more...

Wanna join this project?
Please join if you can add anything to this project. There'as a lot of work to do as you can see. So any help is needed. If you can do C#, Asp.NET, css and lay-out work, testing etc. just let me know. You can mail me at or just start making changes to the sourcecode if you want.

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